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lease scan the QR〓 Code to follo●w us on WechatHuawei■ receives w

orld■'s 1st C

hua ) -- Chin●ese informatio■n and communications■ technology sol■utions provider ●Huawei has ob●tained the wo○rld's firs●t CE type examinat●ion certifi〓cate (TEC

E-TEC for■ 5G p

) for 5G ○products.The certi●fication ind○icates that Huawei's● 5G produc●ts have won ◆official approval〓 for commercial u■se in Europe●. It also ●"represents a si?/p>


駁nificant step to●wards realizing ●large-scale ◆commercial○ 5G deployment," th●e company said〓 in a statement.●CE marking is〓 compulsory● for produc○ts imported to

wei re■ceives world's 1〓

st CE-TEC ◆for 5G pro

an◆d sold withi○n the European Eco●nomic Area. It is re●garded as a stamp of■ approval ●for entering t●he Europea◆n market.Huawei star●ted research on ●5G pr

ducts〓Huawei rece

oducts in 2009◆, and has inves●ted at least● 600 million ●dollars in related○ research. It has ■built 11 5G○ research ◆centers acros◆s the world.Hua●wei's net

iv●es world's

profit● grew by 28 perc〓ent to 47.5 billion■ yuan (about 7.6● billion U.S. dol○lars) last year. Its〓 sales increa■sed by 16 percent ◆from 2016, reaching 〓604

1st CE-T■EC for 5G

billion yuan.〓Please scan○ the QR Code to f■ollow us on Insta◆gramPlease scan the ●QR Code to follo◆w us on WechatHu●awei net profit u○p 28 percent● in 2017Hu?/p>